Law 06/L-081 guarantees the right to every person, without discrimination on any grounds, to access public documents produced, received, maintained or controlled by public institutions, as well as the right to re-use the public sector documents. The request may be made in person, in writing, electronically or orally.  You may be directed to the Agency through e-mail address of the contact person Fitore.Gagica@pak-ks.org by submitting your request to the Officer for Access to Public Documents. The Agency shall provide you with a response within the deadline set forth in the aforementioned law.


Application form for access to public documents

No, you can use a friend or a courier. They will be issued a receipt.

Yes. PAK staff will be available to answer questions and provide you with inform

No, you can use a friend or a courier. They will be issued a receipt.

Bids are only accepted by hand from 10:00 to 12:00 on the Bid Submission Date, in the place designated by the Agency. Actually, until further notice, bids are submitted at the Grand Hotel, Pristina. These bids will be opened in the same place, starting at 12:30.

You must request the Documents for the NEW CO you are interested in buying.                                                              

There are specific Documents for each NEW CO.

Sign Confidentiality Agreement for the New Co that you want to bid.

After you sign Confidentiality Agreement you will receive Information Memorandum, Data Room, CLOR and other relevant information.

You can also visit the New Co that you are interested in

Due diligence – research, collection and analyses of information is responsibility of each bidder.

Go to the PAK website, www.pak-ks.org, and read the relevant sections. There are Fact Sheets available for each NEWCO.

You should also download the model “Rules of Tender” and read them carefully. But note that each NEWCO will have individual “Rules of Tender”, which will need to be obtained from the PAK and which will govern the tender process for the relevant “NEWCO”.

Contact the PAK and make an appointment to meet with a PAK Sales Department/Marketing and Investor Relation Unit representative at either the main office in Prishtina.

The main number for the PAK Sales Department - Marketing and Investor Relation Unit office is +381 (0) 500-400 loc.1255.

The PAK regional offices are: RO Pristina, RO Peja, RO Gjilan, RO Mitrovica and RO Prizren and their contacts you can find here: http://www.pak-ks.org/?page=2,2.

1) Interested Investors should contact PAK and obtain the Rules of Tender for the specific NEWCO. These Rules of Tender will govern the tender process.
2) Review Information Memoranda, review confidential data in the PAK Headquarters or PAK Regional Offices, conduct visits to the SOE NEWCO with PAK staff, and perform other Due Diligence.
3) Pre-Qualify (see below).
4) Submit Bid on Bid Submission Date
    i) Attend opening of Bid (Not required)

In general, PAK creates NewCo's from SOE's and then offer for sale assets and current liabilities (defined generally as the last three months of unpaid accounts payable and the last year of unpaid VAT) of SOEs.
Investors only bid on the assets - and only a few of the current liabilities – of the SOE. Not the SOE itself. In this document, “NEWCO” refers to the assets and current liabilities of the SOE being sold by PAK.

PAK sometimes breaks SOEs into several smaller NEW COs. Please make sure you verify that you make a bid for the NEWCO that has the assets you are interested in. The Information Memorandum (see below) contains a detailed description of all assets belonging to each NEWCO.
KAP also makes sales of SOE assets in liquidation, referred as Assets Sale through liquidation. In this case NewCo is not offered for the sale (assets together with limited liabilities) but only a certain asset of the SOE.
KAP launches waves of privatizations on a regular basis and publishes announcements on the official web site of the Agency, local daily newspapers, national television, sends e-mail notifying the parties of interest and to all registered potential investors in its database. Also, in a certain cases the publications are made in the international press.

The Privatization Agency of Kosovo is an independent public body that carries out its functions and responsibilities with full autonomy, by the Assembly of Kosovo Law No. 05/L-080.

The PAK shall possess full juridical personality and in particular the capacity to enter into contracts, acquire, hold and dispose of property and have all implied powers to discharge fully the tasks and powers conferred upon it by the present law; and to sue and be sued in its own name. The PAK is established as the successor of the Kosovo Trust Agency regulated by UNMIK Regulation 2002/12 “on the establishment of the Kosovo Trust Agency”, as amended, and all assets and liabilities of the latter shall be assets and liabilities of the PAK.

The Special Chamber have exclusive jurisdiction for all suits against the Agency.

The Agency has the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and two Deputy Executive Directors, the Division of the Executive Secretariat as well as professional and technical personnel.