Foreign Investment


Incentives for foreign investors according to the Law

According to the Law on Foreign Investments of Kosovo, foreign investors have the same rights and obligations as residents of Kosovo and are treated equally.

Foreign investors are protected against expropriation and nationalization and have the rights of compensation

A foreign investor has the right to convert any local currency  lawfully in use in Kosovo into a freely convertible currency, and to convert any freely  convertible currency into any local currency lawfully in use in Kosovo.

A foreign investor has the right to transfer freely convertible currency in and out of Kosovo, including, but not limited to, amounts received in a conversion transaction

A foreign investor have the right to execute employment and other contracts  with physical persons who are citizens or permanent residents of a foreign state or a geographic territory outside Kosovo for the purpose of engaging such persons to provide or perform, in Kosovo, professional, management, administration, supervision, or  consultancy services or skilled technical functions.

Foreign investors may own real estate in Kosovo and enjoy the same property rights in respect to real estate as Kosovo citizens and legal entities.

For other specific rights, guarantees and privileges please read the:

Foreign Investment Law