Why Kosovo?

Quick view of Investment Opportunities in Republic of Kosovo

Low tax regime.

Customs duty on imports 10% - a reduced rate of 0% applies to imports of capital goods and agricultural production inputs

  •    VAT rate is 16%, 0% taxes on exports
  •    Personal income tax rates vary from 0-10%
  •    0% VAT and customs duty on exports
  •    Corporate income tax 10%

Stimulating business environment

  •   Free access to the market of the EU and the markets of neighbouring countries; 
  •   Simple and quick business registration procedure;
  •   Modern and EU compatible legal framework;
  •   The Euro is the official currency, eliminating Euro zone currency risk.

Law on foreign investments

National treatment investment regime guarantees unrestricted use of income. Prohibition of favouritism and discrimination. Protection against expropriation. 99-year land lease (UN guarantee)


Young and motivated population - 1.8 million population, 70% under the age of 35.

Official languages

Albanian and Serbian. Other European languages mainly English, Italian, German, Swedish, French and Turkish.
Flexible labour market and competitive labour force;

Highly flexible labour force;
Average monthly wage 360 Euro;
Low income tax - 5%;
Mandatory contributions for individual pension saving accounts 10%.
Abundant resources

Abundant natural resources: lignite, lead, zinc, ferronickel and fertile agricultural land

Sound banking system

CBRK regulates banking and insurance sectors. All banks are private: 10 banks, 10 insurance companies

New customs code

Bonded Warehousing - store imported goods under customs control, without paying any duties until sale. Inward Processing Relief - import, process and re-export, no duty. Other facilitations - processing under customs control, transit, temporary admission, etc.

Energy and mining

Lignite reserves about 14 billion tonnes. New power plant will add 1,000MW capacity, GDP increase of 17%. Demand for investments in new coalmines. Huge deposits of lead and zinc (Trepça mines). Gold and silver, ferronickel and magnesium.

Agriculture sector

Suitable and fertile land (fruits and vegetables). Area of 1.1 million hectares. Private family small and fast growing farms. Bio products 0% tariff rates for agro inputs and capital goods. A long winemaking tradition. Opportunities in reviving livestock production, meat and dairy production.

Winter tourism

One existing ski resort - soon to be privatised. Virgin skiing resort - potential

Industrial Park

24 Hectares of Land, 8km from Prishtina Railway station, 21km from Prishtina. Adjacent to Prishtina/Skopje Highway. Easy access to power, water, telecommunications, etc.