Success Stories


Ferronikeli / Gllogoc

Ferronikeli is the largest private investment in the heavy industry in Kosova. Ferronikeli employs 900 workers, and over 250 more through different contractors. Since the privatization in 2006 and until now over  100 million Euros have been invested and investments continue. New Co Ferronikeli produces over 6.000 tons of minerals, and contributes with over 50% of the overall Kosovo exports. Minerals are exported all over the world: Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, India, China, and Korea.



Mineral & CO₂ Water Factory in Kllokot managed to be among the most successful companies for production and processing of mineral water in Kosovo within a short period. The water plant in Kllokot produced around 7,000 liters of water per hour, whereas within a year this company managed to produce about 40 million liters of water and liquid carbon dioxide with a capacity from 900 to 1, 000 liters per day. Current number of employees in the water plant in Kllokot is around 100. In addition, the water plant managed and increased the investments to 6 million Euros. Its products are exported in Albania, Macedonia and Switzerland, whereas export in small quantities is also conducted in Saudi Arabia. Future objective is to increase the range of products by producing glass bottles of 250 ml and 750 ml, and to expand production capacities of liquid CO₂.


Winery Stone Castle

Vineyards and Winery "Stone Castle" in Rahovec is the largest Winery in Kosovo and among the largest in the region. Stone Castle employs about 260 regular workers; while during the grape harvest, it also engages other workers. Stone Castle Winery produces about 12 million liters of wine and most of it is exported abroad. Stone Castle is present in Germany, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries.


Hotel Theranda

Hotel Theranda in Prizren before privatization was much damaged and needed substantial investments to make functional again. Since the privatization in 2006 an amount of around 850.000 Euros has been invested for improvement and renovation of interior and outside spaces of the hotel. Hotel Theranda is partially functional and employs 18 workers. Renovation of the building was fully completed in 2012, operates successfully, and serves as a reference point for the town of Prizren.



Through large investments made after privatization to improve and create the conditions necessary for work, Company “Trofta” managed to be one of the most successful companies in Kosovo. Technological development and the increase of fish production capacities are amongst the singled out successes. At the same time, the Company managed and continues to remain a distinctive brand in provision of hospitality services. Company “Trofta” employs 115 permanent workers.


M & Silosi

M & Silosi is the greatest mill in Kosovo with a grinding capacity of 600 tons per day and a silo capacity of 58,000 tons of wheat. Since the privatization in 2005, investments that were made in the improvement of technology have contributed significantly to the growth of new production capacities of flour, making it one of the most powerful production companies in Kosovo.


Peja Brewery

Peja Brewery began production in 1971 and has been a socially owned property until 2006. Since the privatization and until the end of 2010, around  25.5 million Euros have been invested in the new production lines, technology, energy, infrastructure, marketing and other sectors. Peja Brewery is amongst the most important producers in Kosovo as well as local market leaders. Since 2010, Peja Brewery expanded its range of products producing Natural and Carbonated Water. Its products are exported in Albania, Montenegro, and Macedonia. Currently, the company has employed around 200 workers.


Motel & Market Nora

Since 1996 until privatization, the Enterprise was unoperational and had no employees. The amount of investments so far reaches approximately 1.1 million Euros transforming the privatized company into a modern hospitality enterprise with a capacity of 30 rooms. Further, a new building has been built in the privatized property, which operates as a trading centre with 90 employees.


Mill Fushë Kosovë

Mill in Fushë Kosova has been privatised in 2007 with a price of 2.5 million Euros. The total amount of investments in this enterprise is over 22 million Euros mainly in infrastructure and production increasing production capacity to 500 tons per day through fully automated computer monitored system. A state of the art laboratory has been established within the building for analysing of raw material. Processed wheat is the main product as well as a wide variety of cereal products, which are exported in the countries of the region such as: Macedonia, Albania, and a part of Montenegro.



Many capital and technological investments in the amount of 11 million Euros have been made after privatisation of the enterprise in 2006, making the factory become a regional leader in the denim industry. State of the art machinery that meets European standards and the number of 300 professional employees have made available the export of “Kosovatex” products in EU countries of worldwide known brands such as Pierre Cardin, Cabano, Pioneer, Otto Kern, etc.   Following the instalment of the fourth production line in the beginning of 2014, company’s production capacity increased by 450.000- 500.000 pairs of jeans per year.


New Factory Radusha

The Factory in Radusha of Istog has been privatised in 2010 transforming an unoperational wood processing factory into a milk processing factory with a capacity of 36.000 litres of products per hour. These capacities involve production of milk, juices, and other milk products. Currently, milk products are exported in Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, and Switzerland. It also covers quite a good percentage of local market. Milk factory is supplied with fresh milk from over 160 large scale farmers at over 40 fresh milk collection points all over Kosovo, thus profiting from over 2.500 small scale farmers.


Food Industry “AbiProgres” (“Abi-Elif”)

Besides production lines and processing of fruits and vegetables, within the company also operates milk production unit and a new line for production of hygienic and sanitary products.

This company has made a considerable amount of investments and currently has over 150 permanent workers. The Company not only meets local market needs but also exports its products abroad.


Food Industry "AMO" Klina

At the time of privatisation the property was unoperational and in the past operated as a factory for production of ammunition. After investments made by the new owner, this factory in 2006 starts its activity with the production of spices and packaging of various seeds. Initially the company had about 30 workers with a production capacity of 30 tons per month.   Over time Food Industry “AMO” expands its operations with the production of confectionery products such are different sweet rolls, and various dessert cakes in a total of 55 products. Currently, AMO Industry has about 70 employees with a production capacity of about 85 tons per month. In addition to the Kosovo market AMO is also present in regional markets such as Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia.


* The data of the success stories are modified based on the information obtained during visits to enterprises - period December 2014